I'm a Blue-Teamer that likes to Make Things!



A longer description would be:

I’m a threat hunter by day and budding reverse-engineer/ all-around nerd by night. The “always-learning” aspect of Information Security is exciting and I’ve always got projects going on to learn new technologies/techniques. I’ve earned a BS Business Administration and Economics and a MS Cybersecurity and Information Assurance along the way. When I am not working on career projects, I enjoy spending time with my family, listening to podcasts, doing Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, coding, reading, writing, working out and figuring out new ways to unintentionally hurt myself.

I would also like to establish some ground rules in this section:

  1. This blog is my slice of the internet so therefore the thoughts and opinions I share on it reflect my thoughts and opinions, and not any other party.
  2. This blog will never have comments, I just don’t have time to moderate them and won’t read them anyway. If you really want to connect: Tweet me or email.
  3. I will not blog about or talk about any USG actions or politics.
  4. I use affiliate links on most of the products listed. Just assume that all of the links are. If you don’t like that, don’t buy from my link. It provides a small commission to run the site at no additional cost to you. But like I said, I don’t care if you do or do not use them or your opinions on it either.

If you find an error on any post please open a ticket on my Github repo and reference the article title with details. If possible please add source files to fact check or prove your point.