Python A Simple Python Tool to Spark Creativity / Part 1 is a simple Python Tool that uses a scraped word list to combine random word combinations in an effort to spark creativity. The tool was inspired by a blog post from James Altucher called “How to Make Millions with Idea Sex”. The principle is simple, combine two seemingly non-related objects to get the new hotness. Dolls + Action = G.I. Joe Space + Buddhism = Star Wars Plus, millions of other examples you could come up with.

Goodbye WordPress Hello Pelican

After one year of dedicated blogging, I have decided to ditch WordPress in favor of Pelican for my current blogging needs. This change has many benefits that are more in line with my current mindset for this project along with being easier to push content out. WordPress in general is great for an easy to use CMS. However as someone who enjoys python, Pelican was an easy transition. Additionally, due to Pelican being a static site, the server load required to run this blog is significantly lower, allowing it to be hosted on Github.