The Real Cybersecurity News: The Ukrainan Power Plant Attacks and Why You Should Care

Recently, there has been an overwhelming amount of discussion over WhatApp’s non-existent “Government backdoor”, which can easily be debunked with the following statement: If Facebook wanted to allow any government to have a back door, they own the code base, they could just code one in. You wouldn’t know it. Additionally, the end points are still soft, you have to de-crypt the message to read it, which provides a much easier attack vector.

Ransomware: The New Massively Disruptive Market?

Ransomware, malicious software designed to encrypt a victim’s hard drive and charge a ransom for the recovered files, has been reigning terror or organizations and users for a number of years now. The business model has always been simple, infect the user through spam e-mail or other vectors of infection (i.e. online droppers), encrypt the hard drive and hold it hostage until the user pays the ransom in Bitcoin. Rinse and repeat.