The Real Cybersecurity News: The Ukrainan Power Plant Attacks and Why You Should Care

Recent media coverage has been covering noise, but we need to focus on the signal
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2016 Audit: The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Since I don’t believe in resolutions, I do an audit at the end of the year.

Ransomware: The New Massively Disruptive Market?

Popcorn Time ransomware employs multi-level marketing from the business world to creatively deploy ransomware to more users.
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How Infosec is Creating More Problems for Infosec

Infosec is hard to the general public, while this is good for salaries, it can be harmful to regulation and/or policy
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Calm Down, It's Just DNS

That IoT bot-net attack on Dyn isn't going to melt the internet
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