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Ransomware: The New Massively Disruptive Market?

Ransomware, malicious software designed to encrypt a victim’s hard drive and charge a ransom for the recovered files, has been reigning terror or organizations and users for a number of years now. The business model has always been simple, infect the user through spam e-mail or other vectors of infection (i.e. online droppers), encrypt the hard drive and hold it hostage until the user pays the ransom in Bitcoin. Rinse and repeat.

How Infosec is Creating More Problems for Infosec

Information Security, cybersecurity or any flavor of security plus technology interest has skyrocketed and expected to grow exponentially. The reason is justified, criminals have moved into this section and been successful in exploiting victims for money then cycling those funds into developing more profitable ways to exploit targets. Furthermore, the domain of information technology provides a great return on their investment just by the scale at which these criminals can attack.

Calm Down, It's Just DNS

Last month Dyn, an “internet performance management company” or a DNS provider, was attacked by what looks to be some flavor of the Mirai botnet. If you remember, the Mirai source code was dumped after the original users spread it to get rid of some law enforcement pressure. Furthermore, this botnet targets weak security in the form of backdoors/passwords put into the firmware of “internet of things” devices, like webcams and DVRs.

Do The Hard Stuff

After reading Deep Work last week by Cal Newport, I decided it would be a good time to revisit So Good They Can’t Ignore You, his previous book. After completing that book I saw Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle Is the Way on the shelf and decided to revisit that one as well because I could get something new from it at this stage in my life, compared to when I read it two years ago for the first time.

Goodbye WordPress Hello Pelican

After one year of dedicated blogging, I have decided to ditch WordPress in favor of Pelican for my current blogging needs. This change has many benefits that are more in line with my current mindset for this project along with being easier to push content out. WordPress in general is great for an easy to use CMS. However as someone who enjoys python, Pelican was an easy transition. Additionally, due to Pelican being a static site, the server load required to run this blog is significantly lower, allowing it to be hosted on Github.